2020 Ram Sale

Closes Thursday 26th November

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We will once again offer approximately 320 rams at a Helmsman Auction.

For 2020 we plan to utilize our own Yourbid online sales platform through this website.

Catalogues will be available a few weeks before the sale.

We will offer a top selection of rams from across all of our different breeds.

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This is a DEMONSTRATION AUCTION - Feel free to bid up!!

Last Updated: 01/11/2020 11:31am


Lot Tally Price Buyer
1 $1000
2 $1000


Lot Tally Price Buyer
3 $1000

Perendale x Texel x Romney

Lot Tally Price Buyer
4 $800

Texel x Romney

Lot Tally Price Buyer
5 $800

Kelso x Romney

Lot Tally Price Buyer
6 $800

Kelso Maternal

Lot Tally Price Buyer
7 $800

Kelso Terminal

Lot Tally Price Buyer
8 $800