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Kincardine Rainstorme R25

Eligible for Export to Australia - straws at Agrigene (Melbourne) available for immediate delivery.

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Purchased for $81,000 in May 2022, Rainstorme was the star of the New Zealand 2022 selling season. A beautifully balanced, very sound young sire with a near perfect structural assessment score and a superb data set for efficient, sustainable beef production in any breeding programme. He excels in the key maternal and fertility traits of calving ease (both direct and maternal), short gestation, low birthweight, and the efficient moderate mature cow weight. His scrotal and milk EBVs rank him in the top 1% for the breed. He has the desirable strong early growth curve and outstanding EBV for eye muscle area which is clearly visible and supported by strong raw data. All this performance ensures he generates a Self Replacing Index in the top 5% for the breed. Thick and exceptionally well-muscled, he has a terrific back end, walks very well, and has a beautifully quiet disposition. We are hugely excited to have secured this bull, and the way he has developed a year later after paddock mating 80 females has to be seen to be believed.

Mark Ferguson (NextGen Agri) and John McKone (PGGW Genetics) give their thoughts on the tremendously exciting sire!

Meadowslea Q250

Qualified for export to Australia - straws at Agrigene (Melbourne) ready for immediate delivery.



Q250 feet2

Q250 was retained in 2021 to continue the exceptional EMA from the descendants of the great old cow G1000. Q250 scanned with the best EMA and IMF of his year group, as did his sire M564 who was a direct son of G1000. Q250 has a powerful pedigree being out of a daughter of Crump and going back to one of our greatest old cows A330, who was the granddam of Meadowslea N166 and the great-granddam of both P700 and Sudeley Viking. A330 descendants have plenty of IMF and Q250 has plenty himself ranking in the top 5% for the breed in NZ. His great grandam F530 was another great old cow with the top IMF of her year and sold as a 10-year-old cow to Helmsdale Angus. Q250 is a moderate-framed bull with great soundness and balance about him. He has a great data set with calving ease and low birth followed by strong growth and the efficient moderate cow size figure we look for, below his 400-day weight. His fertility traits are very strong and his carcass data is exceptional combining to give very good index figures. This is the classic F540 x Crump cross which has bred so many good cattle for us over many years. This semen has been highly sought after by some high profile studs in NZ for mating both heifers and adult cows.

Meadowslea R646

Qualified for export to Australia



We retained R646 as our first-choice keeper in 2022. He had been the stand-out yearling in the spring of 2021 with his exceptional width across the top and powerful hindquarter, making him a clear choice to use as a yearling over a top selection of adult cows. His sire Meadowslea M429 was sold to Red Oak stud at $18,000 and was himself sired by the $100,000 Rangatira 13-38. M429 is out of one of our greatest ever cows G922, who was also the dam of Meadowslea N166 who sired NZ’s highest price bull in 2022. R646 also has a strong maternal pedigree, with his dam M542 going back to Braveheart of Stern, and his maternal grandam H205 a great productive 10-year-old cow with very strong EMA and fats, who was sold in our 2022 Female Sale to Mt Albert Angus. R646 has an impressive data set with strong growth and a moderate mature cow weight. His fertility traits are impressive with a scrotal size EBV ranking in the top 5% for the breed. He scanned well with strong EMA inherited from both sides of his pedigree. His terrific easy-doing fats rank in the top 5% for the breed. He has developed in to a very impressive 4-year-old exhibiting all the easy doing attributes we value so strongly.

Meadowslea Q178

Qualified for export to Australia, USA, Canada




We retained Q178 in the stud in 2021. He had been a standout from weaning and we rated him as the best yearling we had ever bred when we selected him to mate a selection of top heifers. In the 2021 mating he was used heavily – firstly out with a selection of top heifers for a cycle and then 2 full cycles with adult cows. He maintained his condition exceptionally well and settled all in-calf. Q178 is very strong in the all-important fertility traits with both his scrotal size and short days to calving ranking in the top 5% for the breed. His exceptional easy doing ability is endorsed with strong rib and rump fats all in the top 25% for the breed. He exhibits superb breed quality and structural soundness with exceptional depth of body and hindquarter. His semen has sold to some of the leading studs in NZ as well as being exported to the US and Australia. The first of his sons, from his yearling mating, featured at lot 2 in our 2023 bull sale selling to Turihaua Angus.

Turihaua Crump E5

Eligible for Export to Australia



Recognised as one of NZ's most influential and long-lasting senior sires, he deserves his place in our front paddock at 14 years of age. Traditional NZ Angus hill country type with proven industry-leading fertility, Crump has sired over 450 outstanding progeny which are always highly sought after. His sons and grandsons have sold at top prices for studs across NZ, including grandson Meadowslea Mountain Man R705 sold for $92,500, the highest price 2-year-old bull sold in NZ in 2022. His daughters are the top breeding females in the Meadowslea herd, and are proving exceptionally fertile and productive in our hill country. This results in him now being a breed trait-leader for short days to calving at -9.1 days. He has been used with great results in over 25 Angus studs, both here in NZ as well as in Australia, and features in the pedigrees of many of the top breeding bulls in recent years. One son features in this sale; Meadowslea N166, as well as 2 grandsons;  Meadowslea Q347 and Rangatira Rebel. He is no longer with us so only limited semen is left available.

Meadowslea N166

Sire of NZ's top price R2yr bull in 2022 - Meadowslea R705

Eligible for Export to Australia



We retained N166 in 2019 and rate him as possibly the best Turihaua Crump son ever! He is out of a top-performing Glanworth 08-16 cow (G922) who was sold in our 2021 Female Sale to Ballanee Angus Australia for $9,300 and featured as an ET donor. She also bred our top price bull in 2018; M429, sold to Red Oak Stud for $18,000, and the sire of R646.  The first progeny from mating N166 as a 2-year-old were the outstanding feature of our 2022 bull sale catalogue, with lot 24, Meadowslea Mountain Man R705, selling for the highest price for any 2-year-old bull in NZ in 2022 at $92,500. N166 is a very powerful bull with tremendous head and jaw. He has a top pedigree behind him with his maternal grandam the great old cow A330, who is also the great-grandam of Sudeley Viking and Meadowslea P700. He has superb balance and outlook and is very sound footed. 

Rangatira Rebel 19-798

Qualified for export to Australia, USA, Canada



Purchased at the final Rangatira bull sale in June 2021 for $35,000, this bull has an outstanding pedigree. Sire Turiroa Maverick has bred incredibly well at Rangatira and was himself a son of our very own Turihaua Crump. His dam 15-134 has bred exceptionally well too, with her first bull calf (also by Maverick) selling at lot 3 in the 2020 Rangatira bull sale for $35,000, and her third calf selling in the Rangatira yearling bull dispersal sale in March 2021 to Hallmark Angus. We selected 19-798 for his exceptional depth of body, easy fleshing, and moderate frame. He exhibits all the strength and soundness the Rangatira herd was known for, and with such a proven pedigree he is a very exciting prospect. Semen has recently been exported to the USA.

Meadowslea Q347

Qualified for export to Australia, USA, Canada

(On account of Glen R Angus)



Q347 was our top selling bull in the 2021 Bull Sale, bought by Glen R Angus for $32,000. An outstanding son of Rangatira 16-209 he scored with perfect 5’s for his structural assessment on the Beef-Class scoring system. Superbly sound and out of a top-performing Turihaua Crump daughter who scanned with the highest marbling score of her year. Q347 himself scanned with the 4th best IMF% of all 190 bulls on hand in 2020, and he is also strong in the fertility traits with his scrotal size, short days to calving, rib fat, and rump fat all in the top 20% for the breed. Thick, deep, and square with an outstanding hindquarter and exhibiting real quality throughout. This bull has developed into a tremendously powerful adult sire who offers the added bonus of heifer mating options. Semen has been recently exported to the USA.

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We have an exciting selection of embryos flushed out of cows who have lasted the 10 years on our hill country, sired by a variety of established and exciting new bulls!

Xcell Breeding Services offer an option to NZ clients to provide recipient cows and implantation services, only charging for those cows that scan pregnant, with the purchaser owning the recipients afterwards. Price is depending on the store cattle market in the spring. This is on top of the purchase price of the embryos.
For example, if you were to buy 5 embryos and achieve 3 pregnancies, you would pay Meadowslea for the 5 embryos, but only pay Xcell for 3 the pregnant recipients. 


Meadowslea F540

Eligible for Export to Australia


F540 continues to have the biggest impact in the Meadowslea herd of any bull we have ever bred. His daughters and granddaughters are outstanding, weaning thumping calves and maintaining their condition all year round. This is a real testament to his rib and rump fats which rank in the top 5% for the breed in NZ. The exceptional fertility and maternal traits of his female progeny have resulted in him now ranking as a trait leader in NZ for short Days to Calving, at - 9.4 days, meaning he is in the top 1% for the breed in NZ. He is also a trait leader for both short gestation and milk, and excels in almost every maternal and fertility trait measurable. This bull exhibits the important longevity we look for in the Angus Breed and is still going strong at 11 years old. Deep, thick, easy-doing sire with an exceptional balance of figures for hill country. F540 has over 270 recorded progeny across 10 Angus Studs in NZ and Australia. He has been used successfully in commercial herds as well as in the BLNZ Beef and Dairy progeny tests, where his progeny performed even better than his EBV's would suggest.


Meadowslea "Meat Machine" G914


It is obvious why we named this fellow “Meat Machine” with his exceptional muscle pattern and his incredible easy doing attributes. We have now had over 170 of his progeny analyzed. He is having a huge impact in the herd and fast becoming an all-time favourite sire. He leaves terrific thickness and depth with his signature powerful hindquarter evident on all his offspring. He consistently leaves the easy-doing ability that we value so strongly in the hill-country which is evident in his exceptional rib and rump fat EBVs which are almost off the scale for the Angus breed.  He is a trait leader for calving ease at +10.3 and has very short gestation, low birthweight, and short days-to-calving in an early-maturing very moderate frame. We believe he is the true Angus hill-country type and this is reflected in him being ranked in the top 10% of the breed for self-replacing index. He features in the pedigrees of many of the top animals we have bred recently at Meadowslea.


Meadowslea K703


This son of G914 is out of a top Turihaua Crump cow so is he is bred to be thick as a brick. He has maternal and fertility traits that are exceptional with calving ease, short gestation, low birthweight and scrotal size all in the top 15% for the breed, while his short days-to-calving figure of -7.4 days ranks him as a trait leader for the breed in NZ. His rib and rump fat EBVs are off the scale giving his progeny the early maturing, easy-doing ability we love in the harder hill-country. His 90 scanned progeny have measured with so much muscle that his EMA has jumped from +2 to +6.5. His self-replacing index of $136 recognizes the importance of these strong maternal and fertility traits to the profitability of any commercial beef breeding operation. K703 is consistently breeding above himself and his sons have featured very strongly in our recent bull sales. 


Meadowslea M564


Retained in the stud in 2018, M564 is a son of F540 and out of our record-breaking cow G1000, who was sold to Australia in our 2021 female sale for $16,000 and features as an ET donor in this catalogue. She was sired by the high-performing Glanworth 08-16, and she scanned with the biggest EMA of her year group. We selected M564 to use as a yearling after he had scanned with the biggest EMA ever recorded in the stud and he is passing this trait on to all his progeny so consistently that his own EMA has now gone out to +8.1, ranking him in the top 5% for the breed in NZ. He has wonderful fertility and maternal traits with calving ease and moderate birthweight, while his scrotal size, milk, and days-to-calving are all in the top 10% for the breed. A moderate-framed, easy-doing type reflected in his rib and rump figures featuring in the top 1% for the breed. With good IMF as well, he has a terrific spread of figures for hill-country and a Self Replacing Index in the top 15% for the breed.


Rangatira 16209


We purchased this bull at the Rangatira sale in 2018 for $12,000. His sire Rangatira Commodore also sired the top price Rangatira bull in their 2019 sale, sold to Umbrella Range Angus for $70,000. We selected 16209 for his superb structural soundness, immaculate feet, and quality throughout. He is certainly passing these traits on to his progeny and his first crop of sons were a real feature of the 2021 drafting, with the top priced bull Q347 sold at $32,000 and Q178 being the top retained stud sire for 2021 - both these bulls feature in this semen catalogue. Rangatira 16-209 offers good calving ease with moderate birthweight and frame-size. He leaves very good scrotal size with strong rib and rump fats and superb structural soundness. All his progeny exhibit terrific depth of body and powerful hindquarters.

Rangatira 16209


Woodbank 7017


This bull was purchased at the Woodbank sale in 2018 for the top price of $32,000. He was selected for his exceptional depth and thickness and easy-doing ability. A strong pedigree goes back to Braveheart of Stern on the top line, and on the bottom line a good Turihaua cow purchased at the special Turihaua Centennial female sale. He has tremendous spring of rib, great depth of flank, and powerful hindquarter. He has a nice balance of figures for mating heifers in hill country with calving ease, short gestation, and moderate birthweight followed by good growth but still with a moderate cow weight. His key fertility traits of strong scrotal size and very good rib and rump fats will ensure his daughters are productive and easy doing. The first of his progeny we have as yearlings look very exciting.


Meadowslea P565


This was our top retained stud sire in 2020. He was a standout as a calf and with his exceptional depth and thickness he was our first choice to mate over stud heifers as a yearling. P565 has a top pedigree, being a son of the widely used Taimate Lazarus. His dam is one of our top old 10 year old cows, G943, who was sold in our 2021 female sale to Piko Burn Angus for $5,100. She was sired by Glanworth 16-08 who is also the sire of the donor cows in this embryo sale.  P565 has great fertility figures with good calving ease and moderate birthweight, while his scrotal size and short days to calving figures are ranked in the top 10% for the breed. Add in his good muscle and IMF scan and it is not surprising he has a very good Self Replacing Index which is in the top 10% for the breed in NZ. 


Meadowslea P700


Retained in the stud in 2020 as a heifer mating option, this son of L226 has very strong fertility traits with calving ease,  short gestation, and low birthweight all near the top 20% for the breed. The other important indicators of fertility- short days to calving, scrotal size and rib and rump fats - are all ranked in the top 10% for the breed as well. All this gives him a strong Self Replacing Index in the top 20%. This bull ticks a lot of boxes to breed efficient fertile females in hill-country. His moderate frame and mature cow weight, coupled with exceptional scrotal size and very strong fats, mean his daughters will hit puberty early and calve and rebreed early every year. His calving ease, short gestation, and low birthweight make him an ideal heifer option.


Turiroa Panther 18P241


We purchased this bull for $17,500 at the record-breaking Turiroa bull sale in 2020.  We have named him Turiroa Panther because we were so attracted to his fluid movement and beautiful balance. He has the tremendous depth of body, strong deep hindquarter, and easy doing attributes that we value so highly in the hill country. His pedigree is rock solid being by the $40,000 Goldwyn Napoleon who has bred so strongly in studs right throughout NZ. His dam is by our own Turihaua Crump and is in the ET programme at Turiroa and is herself a flush sister to Turiroa Maverick, purchased by Rangatira Angus and who has bred many of their top bulls including Rangatira 19-798 who has semen offered in this sale. The grandam is also a top breeding donor cow who produced the stud sires Turiroa Blackheart and Turiroa Breaker. Panther has a strong balance of figures across the page resulting in a strong self-replacing index. We rate this bull very highly and eagerly await his first calves arriving.

Turiroa Panther

Timperlea Quain 763


We purchased this son of Taimate Lazarus as a yearling at the Timperlea yearling sale in 2020. He was selected as a yearling mating sire and he had a big season, spending 2 full cycles with selected stud heifers before being used as a follow up sire with a mob of adult stud cows. He has exceptional figures for heifer mating with calving ease, low birthweight, and short days to calving all in the 10% for the breed. He has strong muscle and the easy fleshing we like to see on Angus cattle showing up in his strong rib and rump fat EBVs that are in the top 20% for the breed. He has good IMF as well and all this performance comes together to generate a very strong Self Replacing Index in the top 5% of the breed.


Glanworth 0816

Eligible for Export to Australia


We purchased this bull in 2010 after he had been used as a yearling at Glanworth Stud. 08-16 has proved to be hugely influential in our herd and he has added tremendous fertility and maternal traits, with his daughters proving to be some of the best females we have ever bred at Meadowslea. This was certainly clear in our 2021 female sale where the first of his daughters to be sold as 10-year-olds were in strong demand, selling up to the NZ record of $16,000. Three of these exceptional daughters are on offer as embryo donors in this sale. Glanworth 08-16 shows up in the pedigree of many of the best cattle we have bred in recent times, and they are the true Angus moderate-framed, easy doing-type that thrives in the hill-country. We recommend this bull to anyone looking to build a strong female base and he is ideal for mating heifers and keeping the progeny to suit a hill country breeding programme.

Glanworth 818