Format and Conditions of Sale

Meadowslea Online Semen Sale        

Commencing: Sunday August 29th 7pm

Closing: Wednesday September 8th 8pm

Terms and Conditions:

The sale will be conducted as a Helmsman-style auction, meaning that all lots are for sale simultaneously. The sale will be hosted through our website on the Semen Sale page. The online bidding platform is known as yourbid and is the copyright property of Meadowslea Angus and Sheep Genetics.

All lots will be sold GST exclusive. No GST will apply to lots sold for export. Terms of payment are net 14 days. Buyers will be invoiced either through the stock firm of their choice or directly from Meadowslea Genetics Ltd. All dispatch or storage fees incurred after the sale date are the responsibility of the purchaser.

The Semen auction price is for a single straw.

Registration will be online through the Meadowslea website where a copy of the conditions of sale will be posted. Buyers will receive confirmation of registration in their email, and by clicking on the accompanying link will be taken straight to the semen sale page. Their buyer number will automatically accompany each bid.

Buyers can view the catalogue with videos and commentary of the sires on offer by clicking the link on the semen sale page

The sale will run until 8pm on Wednesday 8th September. From this time the sale will be extended until there has been a clear 2-minute period without any bids. If a bid is placed on any lot during that 2 minute period then bidding on all lots is extended for a further 2 minutes. Time will be called through the chatroom on the sales page and also be clearly audible through the livestreamed video.

Delivery will be given from the storage facility and the vendors will notify the Breeding centres to release the semen to the purchasers at the conclusion of the sale. Almost all the semen is in storage at Xcell breeding services in Rangiora, except for Turihaua Crump and Glanworth Waigroup 08-16 semen which is stored at Tararua Breeding Centre in Woodville. 

Semen from Turihaua Crump, Meadowslea F540, Meadowslea N166, and Glanworth Waigroup 08-16 is eligible for export to Australia

Vendors note: The semen catalogued is a limited release with many of the older bulls now past the age of collection, and with only a limited number of straws retained for the vendors use only. If a decision is made to sell anymore semen this season then the price per straw will be higher than the price received at auction.

Embryo Sale Terms and Conditions of Sale

All embryos are offered on behalf of Ballanee Angus of Victoria Australia.

The donor cows will be eligible to produce embryos for NZ or Australia.

The vendor will pay all the costs of collection of the embryos on offer in this sale.

The purchaser will have the option of using the semen off any of the bulls offered in this sale free of charge, for the purpose of producing the embryos.

If the purchaser intends to export the embryos to Australia the semen must first qualify for Australia or be collected at a qualifying AI centre.

The purchaser may choose to use semen of their own for producing the embryos.

The embryos are scheduled to be collected from December 2021 at Xcell Breeding Services in Rangiora NZ after the three donor cows have calved at Meadowslea in the spring of 2021.

The embryo auction price is for a single embryo from one flush of the donor cow, with the vendor guaranteeing a minimum of 6 embryos of A-grade quality, and up to a maximum of 10 embryos.

 If less than 6 embryos are collected then the purchaser is not obligated to buy any embryos but does have the option to buy the lesser number collected at the auction price, if they choose to do so. If the purchaser does not choose to buy the lesser number, then the embryos remain the property of the vendor.

If more than 10 embryos are collected the buyer is not obligated to buy the extra embryos, but does have the option to do so at the auction price. If the purchaser does not choose to buy the extra Embryos (more than 10) then those embryos remain the property of the vendor

The purchaser of each lot of the embryos will be required to pay a deposit of 10% of the value of 6 embryos within 14 days of the auction closing. The balance will be payable on delivery of the embryos. If no embryos are delivered then the purchaser will receive a full refund.

A purchasing rebate of 9% will be paid to all livestock companies and independent livestock agents buying on behalf of their clients, or advising the vendors of their clients intending to purchase. Otherwise a 3% rebate booking fee will pe paid to companies nominated by the buyers at registration. The vendors will notify all livestock companies with a list of their clients when they register before the sale.

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